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Yoga is a mindful practice to stay healthy. The postures and breathing exercises aim to soften, strengthen the body and regulate the flow of vital energy. 

And what is Kundalini Yoga?

A little history...

Born in northern India thousands of years ago, Kundalini Yoga was originally passed down only in Sikh royal families. This Yoga, called at the time "raja yoga" or "royal yoga" was reserved for the nobility and the elite and was considered the "royal road" towards the blossoming of consciousness.

It was introduced to the West by Yogi Bhajan, an Indian yogi master of Sikh origin. In the 1940s, it was used every morning at the Golden Temple, the most sacred building of the Sikhs, located in the heart of the city of Amritsar, in Punjab, in northeastern India.

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He had a spiritual vision in which he saw Guru Ram Das, one of the greatest gurus of the Sikh religion, who lived in the 16th century. 

In his vision, Guru Ram Das asked him to bring Yoga to the West in order to come to the aid of Westerners increasingly affected by psychological ailments and growing malaise (depression, loss of bearings, drugs, insecurity ...).

Thus, Yogi Bhajan left India and settled in Los Angeles in 1969, where he founded a school and a community of yogis, first to help hippies get out of their various addictions. He subsequently became a reference in the teaching of Yoga throughout the world and an undisputed master of the discipline.

Kundalini, a question of energy...


kundalinimeans "consciousness". Kundalini energy is considered in Indian culture as the source of life. It lodges at the base of the spine. It is dormant in all of us, but it is possible to awaken it through the practice of Kundalini Yoga.

By awakening this energy, we come to reconnect the body to the mind and the soul. The direct effects are a feeling of calm, serenity, renewed energy and clearer ideas about what really suits us in life.

It is a very powerful Yoga, whose transformative effects appear very quickly, sometimes from the first session. The practice therefore allows you to refocus by chasing anxiety and anxiety.

This energy releases theknots  energy and other physical blockages that can lodge in the body. It comes to circulate like a snake through our 7 chakras, our energy centers located along our spine, invisible to our eyes but essential to the circulation of our energy. 

The Kundalini rises from the lower chakras which concentrate the most earthly and egocentric desires to move towards the upper chakras opening to love and infinity.

Face-to-face courses

The course consists of dynamic and static postural series, relaxation and meditation. 

They are provided within the framework of the JAYAYOGA Association.

For timetables and prices, click on the link:  

Cours de yoga

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