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Décoration d'Intérieur

The art of living

Hello I amValérie Prou 
Welcome to my world...

let me tell you a story, that of Prem Maïna.

This woman's name means “Messenger of Love”. Its message goes through Art, the Art of Living.

She has 3 passions that fill her life and fully nourish her: enamel on metal, Kundalini Yoga and Therapy.

For her, all these areas are an inner journey and are related because they speak of the same thing:


Prem Maïna, it's me,

it is also a part of you.

Listen to your heart and choose the message that is intended for you...

Debout sur les falaises

Take care of yourself

through understanding and listening to oneself. 

Understand his recurring behavioral patterns, his needs, his desires.


The therapeutic support that I offer allows you to highlight your limiting beliefs and to feel good with who you are,   at all times.


My toolbox includes, for example, SAJECE hypnosis, holotropic breathing…




Take care of yourself

by indulging yourself and/or by entering the world of artisanal creation, manual work through enamelling on metals.

  • "Enameling is an age-old art that allows me to fully express my creativity. I cultivate the beauty of this world by creating paintings, unique and customizable jewelry on copper and silver.

  • I also want to make this art accessible to everyone by offering face-to-face courses and tutorials adapted to all tastes and levels.


images 7.jpeg

Take care of yourself

by practicing Kundalini Yoga

It is the combination of all the yogic tools: breaths and postural series, songs, meditations, music.


It combines comprehensive purification techniques designed to cleanse the body and mind from within, removing both physical and mental toxins.

I suggest that you practice this discipline face-to-face, but also through videos and audios that allow you to integrate Yoga into your daily life, in complete serenity, at your own pace.


Valerie PROU

2, rue du Pillory - 56230 - Questembert


06 16 78 21 62

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