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SAJECE Hypnosis

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Brief therapy

Hypnosis is a great tool that can solve many problems related to the physical, psychic, emotional body. But also, it's a great tool to simply "upgrade" your life if you already feel happy. A bit like when you like to make an appointment for a massage, for hypnosis, it's a very pleasant massage of the mind!


How is it possible ? Already because all these bodies are in perpetual interaction and the one who manages our whole being is our unconscious, a huge invisible part of the iceberg. 


Hypnosis will therefore play a major role in getting in touch with our unconscious. This one is at the origin of our malaises, pains and illnesses in order to alert us that something is to be modified in our life in order to return to balance, to the happiness which is inside us.   Hypnosis will simply help him find other avenues, other solutions in order to make positive changes in the consultant.


Concretely, hypnosis is a technique that allows access to a modified state of consciousness in order to break down the barrier of awareness. It happens smoothly, through stories and metaphors where there are hidden messages. The consultant remains conscious during the session, simply listening and in a state of relaxation.

And what is SAJECE hypnosis?


Created by Camille GRISELIN, it is a method originally from Erikson but which she has transformed.

The main difference in this method is that we always work on the origin of the problem and not only on the symptom. And this in a gentle and human way.

The emotional side is   the heart of the work.


And for what benefits?

Hypnosis can help you in many areas (non-exhaustive list)  :

- skin problems (eczema, psoriasis, allergies) and asthma,

- heavy medical support (leukemia, cancer, multiple sclerosis, etc.)

- fears, phobias, stress, anxieties, depression, lack of confidence, separation, mourning

- addictions (alcohol, tobacco, gambling, sex, etc.)

- sexuality problems (libido, erection, premature ejaculation, vaginal dryness, rape, fungal infections, etc.)

- certain pains, migraines, etc.

- eating disorders and weight problems

- motor skills, stuttering

- blockages related to childhood, uterine life or past lives

- difficulty getting pregnant

- ticks or tocks, etc.

- increase its speed, its agility, its reactivity (for the sportsmen for example)

- to have more memory, more logic, etc.

- to increase their abilities in all areas (singing, music, sport, etc.)

- to be more sure of oneself, more confident, more at ease in public

- to increase their creativity

- pass an exam

SAJECE hypnosis and perinatality

Partnership with


Are you expecting a child? I propose to accompany you during your pregnancy thanks to Sajece hypnosis and to live serenely all the events related to this period.

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femme enceinte dans la nature

Consultation for adults and adolescents

80 € / 1 hour

Child (from 6 years old)

€50 / 30 minutes

By appointment or remotely via Skype


at the Creative and Zen Workshop

2, rue du Pillory - 56230 -Questembert

Phone: 06 16 78 21 62

Holistic Therapy


Analytical, emotional and transpersonal therapy

Based on a global approach to body and mind, the Holistic Therapy offered by the School of Tantra ( is a set of personalized tools implemented in a therapeutic strategy adapted to each patient. The techniques used are borrowed from modern approaches to therapies from the humanist and transpersonal current (Bioenergy, Psychodrama, Psychogenealogy, holotropic breathing, MDR, etc.)


Who is this approach for?

To all those who wish to overcome a painful event, to get out of a state of persistent malaise. Or to truly be yourself, to express your full potential, to flourish in your life and in your daily life.


Going to meet yourself through your story...

Allows you to shed light on your life's difficulties, to get out of patterns and conditioning, to deprogram dysfunctions and to free yourself from traumatic events.


The accompaniment that I offer is above all a privileged space for listening and healing. Imbued with tolerance, acceptance of others and of oneself. 

It comes in the form of therapeutic follow-up. The frequency of the meetings being agreed beforehand by mutual agreement.

Consultation for adults and adolescents

50 € / 1 hour

By appointment or remotely via Skype


at the Creative and Zen Workshop

2, rue du Pillory - 56230 -Questembert

Phone: 06 16 78 21 62

Valerie PROU

2, rue du Pillory - 56230 - Questembert


06 16 78 21 62

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