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enamel on metal


A millennial art

Enamel artist registered with the Chamber of Art and Crafts of Morbihan since 2013, I have at heart to offer unique paintings and jewelry and also to transmit this ancestral discipline.


Enamelling in metal furnaces is an age-old Art traditionally associated with works such as pieces of goldsmithery or jewellery.


Enamel is a type of glass specially designed to be applied to metal. Thanks to a process of firing in the oven, it unites intimately with this support and covers its surface. 

The result is a glazed finish, very shiny, with vibrant and resistant colors, provided with the same qualities as glass.

There are different techniques for applying enamel to metal, and my preference is for cloisonné and champlevé.

Inthe cloisonné enamel technique, the contours of the pattern are surrounded by thin metallic ribbons of copper, silver or gold thread fixed to the surface to be enamelled. The enamel is then introduced into the heart of the cells thus formed.

The Champlevé techniqueconsists in removing a little metallic material to encrust it with enamel.




Treat yourself by discovering my creations and/or by coming to follow a face-to-face training in my workshop or remotely.

Valerie PROU

2, rue du Pillory - 56230 - Questembert


06 16 78 21 62

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